What are you doing this money week?

We’re looking for 100 kiwi companies who want to upskill and educate their employees to make smarter financial decisions.


Smart kiwi companies we’re helping

Individuals making smarter financial decisions with our help

What we’re offering

A free 1 hour session with your staff, at your office, where we’ll go over some key financial topics and concepts that’ll leave your employees feeling empowered with the right knowledge and tools to instantly make smarter financial decisions.

What we’ll cover

KiwiSaver 101 – KiwiSaver is NZ’s biggest form of retirement savings, yet so many people are not getting the most out of it, and loosing out on HUGE sums of money. It’s easy to get it right if you’ve got the right advice.

Buying your first home – There are some easy tricks when it comes to buying your first home that can make the whole process so much easier, and get you in the door quicker.

Investing and building your empire – the earlier you start planning, saving, and investing for your future, the better off you’ll be! There are some ways you can get started today, even with very small amounts of money.

What’s in it for you

You’ll look like one of the good guys, by showing your staff you care about their personal and financial well-being. Your staff will thank you for it, as there is instant, actionable value that they can get from this. You’ll know that your employees have got the information to smart making good decisions when it comes to retirement savings and KiwiSaver

More Info

Money week 2017 runs from Monday 14th August – Sunday 20th August. Register you’re interest now, and we’ll be in contact to arrange the details, including a suitable date and time to come and talk to your staff. Or for further information contact us on 0800 890 121.

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E : info@ilumony.com
A : Auckland, New Zealand
P : 0800 890 121

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