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Not content with financial advice being out of reach for many Kiwi’s, we decided to take action. Meet the team behind NZ’s smartest online financial adviser.


With a background in financial services and investment advice, Ilumony Founder & CEO Rachel Strevens was passionate about working with clients to provide good investment outcomes, but realized there could be a better way of doing things that would help more people make better financial decisions.

She teamed up with co-founder Abhy Singla who was equally passionate about financial markets, and who had the technology know-how and development experience and capabilities necessary to bring an idea to life.

We’ve brought together clever technology and clever people and created something marvelous – a platform offering online, intelligent financial advice that everyone can access and benefit from.

We’re harnessing technology to shape and create the future of personal finance and investment. Join us as we continue on this journey into the future.


Our Team

Meet the people who make awesome stuffs

Rachel is an Authorised Financial Adviser with over 10 years experience working for a number of global firms providing investment advice to clients.

Rachel Strevens (AFA)

Founder & CEO B.Bus & NZX Dip

Abhy is an IT professional with 8 years experience in technology architecture and technology engineering roles. He has an uncanny ability to lead projects from idea to conception in a fast and managed way.

Abhy Singla

Co-Founder & CTO BE

Richard is a seasoned risk professional with over 30 years of risk and financial management experience across private and public sectors.

Richard Kirkland

Governance & Risk Adviser B.Com, MBA, C.A., C.F.A

Uddhav has over 20 years experience working across a variety of compliance and regulatory roles within New Zealand and internationally.

Uddhav Kirtikar

Complaince & AML/CFT Adviser M.Strategy

Jon is highly experienced in working with New Zealand and global technology companies, helping them to grow bigger, better, faster.

Jon Davies

Strategy & Technology Adviser


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