Everyone loves a little online shopping. But better yet, everyone loves getting a whammy of a bargain and since we’re all about making the most out of your money we’ve made a short list of our top tips.



Search for Coupons.

Yeah, you’ve probably done this before without much success, but that’s probably because you quickly gave up. Don’t just have a look at the first Google result, check out the next few because sooner or later you’ll probably find a coupon code.  Additionally, have a good look around the online store website because sometimes they have a ‘save’ section which shows the current promotions and coupons


pCompare the prices. There are heaps of sites out there that let you compare prices from online stores, as well as physical stores. Why pay more for the same item? Check out PriceSpy.co.nz, PriceMe.co.nz and even Google the product with the model number. You’ll likely find it cheaper. I just did a quick search for a Playstation 4 on PriceSpy and found it $31 cheaper by going to mightyape.co.nz instead of Noel Leeming.



Sign up to newsletters and like Facebook pages. What? This sounds like bad advice…. and yes it might just be depending on how easily you’re parted with your money. But if you’re not easily swayed into an impulse purchase then this is a great idea. Stores often let you know via email and their Facebook pages when they are having sales, or exclusive deals. So if you’re really needing a jumper you can wait until one of the stores you receive emails from lets you know they’re having a sale.



Done saving for today?How about earning some free money?

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