image (3)Search privately (incognito).

Websites use cookies to track you and if you seem interested in a flight, don’tbe surprised when the price goes up quickly – this is their tactic to get you to book! The best way to stop this is to switch on private browsing/Incognito mode on your browser (ctrl shift n).



Use a flight finder search engine.image (2)

Use a website that compares all flights, however as these websites take a cut from the airline, prices vary so it’s wise to try a few. When I looked up a domestic return flight from Auckland to Wellington and back I found a $30 difference in price (for the same flight).


These are a few examples of flight finder websites:

image (11)image (12)

image (5)Find the cheapest day to fly.

Flights change in price by day, so find the cheapest days to fly first. Go to and when entering in dates choose ‘whole month’. This way you can find the days where tickets are cheapest. This is only to help you when choosing what day to fly, so for example instead of flying out on a Monday, you could possibly fly out on a Tuesday and save heaps. Once you have the dates, go and check out the other websites as well. I saved $33 on a flight to Wellington from Auckland by comparing dates and flight search engines. You’lllikely save hundreds on international flights!

image (1)

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