We’ve found 3 apps that can help you maximise your money, so you can continue to save and spend as normal but suddenly have a little bit of extra disposable cash to spend on… Well anything, shoes, apple strudel, whatever!


gGaspy– It’s the app that shows fuel prices around you. Your car can’t live without fuel and you likely can’t live without your car, so it’s only wise to get the cheapest fuel possible. By using Gaspy you can find the cheapest fuel in your area. This could mean a 37 cent saving by using the cheapest fuel instead of the most expensive and on a 40 litre tank that’s a saving of $14, enough for another drink on a Friday or a few pizzas on a Tuesday.



pParkable: Ever need to park in the city? Well, no need to pay those horrific parking costs, Parkable is an app that connects parkers with available spaces at a lot lower rates than those pesky parking buildings. If you want to go in the city, look up available parks, go to the park, go to the app and let them know you’re in that spot. Ta da! You’re parking in the city for $2 an hour.





Stocard. It’s a handy app that lets you keep a digital memory of all your loyalty cards. You’ll never lose out of those specials by forgetting your Onecard. Just scan the barcode for the card of your phone.




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